Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Monday

This will be in my shop very soon. I can't wait to get the prints in the mail. The free print offer was really successful. I gave away a free print to the first four customers in my shop. I'd like to do that again. It's fun giving away free stuff.

I follow so many blogs and I'm so behind on my blog reading. This is so frustrating because I want to be up-to-date on what everyone is doing. Today I'm having to call it quits or I will never get out of my house. I have to run to the post office, try to track down a new tax form (because I lost mine...der derrrr) and go to printmaking class and sit in on a crit. THEN... back to my studio where I will be working on my house.
I finished all the wallpapering on the house yesterday. I have to keep cutting out roof shingles and spray paint them but that's coming along. I'm really excited to get the house back together and get updated pictures taken of it. It's really coming along. Hopefully I'll have a post of it tomorrow.
In the meantime, Papernstitch has started a new exhibition. My shop is still there along with many others. Go check it out.
Have a great Monday!


Maria-Thérèse said...

WONDERFUL, mysterious photograph! It seems KIND in a way, like you have to love the balloon carrying ghost. I'm excited to see your house!

Me, I'm sitting on my bed with my computer. SOON the work is done - they are putting up the yellow wallpaper now!

Lauren Simone said...

the ghostlyness of this is magnificent. not frightening, but stunning.

anna said...

I have passed the kreative blog award to you :) feel free to play along and if not, just take it as an compliment :)

Amelia said...

can't wait to see your house!