Monday, February 1, 2010

This Weekend.

I had such a good weekend! My good friend Jane came to town Saturday night and it was a lot of fun catching up with her. If you haven't checked out her blog before please do. Also, do you want to see some of her amazing artwork? Check it out at her website, here.

So it was nice seeing Jane and it was nice taking a long overdue break from the studio. I've spent long days in there listening to countless episodes of Radiolab, drawing, gluing, thinking, hula hooping and trying not to stress too much about my show. A little break was nice but now I'm certainly ready to get back in there and hit the ground running.

Here are a few images of what I've been doing. I wish I could put these houses in my etsy shop. I will as soon as my show is over. I think they are fun. I want to make more and more and more...

Here is what my studio desk is looking like these days, a little messy, but obviously in major use.
See more photos at my Flickr site and add me as a contact!
What did you do this weekend?


Jennifer Hugon said...

Love Jane's work! Fascinating.

And your houses are so fun! It's inspiring to see the messy, in-use studio!

flux biota. said...

thanks, jennifer.

ann: i am writing a nice lil' thing up for you. should be up by thursday.

flux biota. said...

also, I love you. I heart hoof.