Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I've been working quite a bit on my house and thought I would post some progress. I had a critique this morning with one of my faculty so I wanted to put some things up to give her an idea of what I plan on doing. So, the roof will be completely covered with the cardboard shingles that will be painted green. The brown wall may not be permanent. I was playing around with screen printing my own wallpaper but I may opt instead to cover the walls with fabric. The shelf is only temporary until I find something of the non-plastic variety and there will be MUCH MORE STUFF spilling out this house. Oh! and a floor, too.

I'm also working on this drawing/painting that will not be part of my show but has been fun to work on when I need some down time from this house. It's on 30" x 40" paper and I'm using paint markers which I'm in love with.

I'm doing all of this in the dreadful head cold haze. I feel like crap. I really just want to lay on my couch and sleep sleep sleep but there isn't any time!!


It Builds Character. said...

Cool! I imagine there will be some way for us non-art professors to get to see your house when it's done?

Mira Reisberg said...

Hi Ann
As a proud owner of one of your pieces, I know one of your strengths as an artist is your use of pattern and repetition -so, if you can swing it, I would really encourage you to make subtle wallpaper for your house. Just a subtle one color - maybe your clouds and ghosts (something most walls are seeped with) like a lighter brown on a darker brown or light blue on dark but I'd keep it a subtle shift. You could make extra to sell on etsy. I made wallpaper for my MFA and it was a pain but it looked fabulous. Here's the link if you have time
I love your posts and what you're doing. I'm sure whatever you do it'll end up being fabulous. Looking forward to seeing it.

love Mira

minimooseKim said...

Your house is looking so awesome! I'm glad you are doing the house. If you need more cardboard, I can get you some from my job. Let me know!

Kim Strom said...

Hey, the house is looking good. If you haven't seen this yet (rita's living room), check it out- so awesome and made me think of you:


It Builds Character. said...

That room that Kim posted is so cool!
Kick their butts, Ann!