Sunday, February 14, 2010


I hope you are all enjoying a nice Valentine's day. Even if you don't celebrate it, I hope your having a good Sunday.
My boyfriend and I did our Valentinesy day stuff yesterday since I have so much work to be doing in the studio today and a thesis statement to get started on (bleh...) I was really excited to receive these two amazing books both about two fantastic movies. The Making of Where the Wild Things Are and The Making of Fantastic Mr. Fox. There was obviously a theme in his thought process. We also had delicious sushi which is always a treat. The whole day was really lovely. I wish is could be repeated today but there's too much to do. I don't want to get too gushy and annoying but I feel like a very lucky girl. There, I'll leave it at that.

I was so excited to see all the great comments left on my Inspiration post. More importantly it looks like a lot of people discovered more great blogs and artwork. That was really exciting to see. Don't forget to check back in on the mash-up tomorrow. The schedule is here.

Oh, also, Corrine at So September did a fun post on her celebrity crushes and we share a crush. Even though I just got a tad bit gushy on my super amazing boyfriend I, too, thought I would share my crush. J and I have talked about this. He's aware of it, he's okay about it.
It's Joaquin Phoenix...! I like to think he bears a striking resemblance to my boyfriend.
My crushness is so true that I even liked him when he looked like this. I kept it real. I really hope he's not a jerk in real life. If you know any insider information please share.

Okay, that was my tween girl moment of the day. Off to the studio and doing other busy stuff. Please have a great and wonderful day.


anna said...

Hope your having a good day in your studio, I am really enjoying my sunday:) I saw where the wild things are some weeks ago, one of the most original movies I've ever seen..

Anonymous said...

I heart Joaquin too and have to admit to also thinking my lovely hubby bears more than a passing resemblance to him! Thank you for sharing your tween moment and for sparking one of my own :)

kelliann meserole said...

ahh may i gush about my love for joaquin as well? i love him no matter how crazy the tabloids claim he is. ha. i only have 2 celebrity crushes. joaquin pheonix, and robert downey, jr. i am starting to get a crush on the guy who plays don draper in mad men, but it isn't full blown tween style yet. but i am thinking it will be soon. [also the reason why my bike is named charles bronson.. that is the only man my mom claims to love more than my father! ha. so great]