Friday, February 12, 2010

Get Inspired

Phew, I think this is the most images I've ever uploaded on my blog. But today is my day in the fun blog mash-up started by Victoria at sfgirlbybay. There are 300 bloggers participating in this experiment and so far it's been really fun. I'm scheduled to go today after following 2 Days in the Rain. The mash-up will take a weekend break and then Monday The Diary of Lovely is scheduled to follow me. Also blogging today is Bliss in a Teacup, Cursive Design, Good Measure, Kizz Designs, Mochatini, Papers and Packages, San Diego Songbirds, Sweet Sassafras, and The Window Ledge. So many! That's what makes this a really exciting thing to be part of.

So, the theme for this blog is inspiration, what inspires us. I've been thinking about this for a few days now and am having trouble really articulating my thoughts. I know that what really inspires me right now is reading other people's blogs. I'm always encouraged by seeing others going through similar experiences as me. These are people who work on their art daily, making it their business, their world. Many of them have children and families and houses and they continue to work day to day on their craft. There are times I get down and feel overwhelmed but it just takes reading a few blogs to get me motivated and ready to hit the studio, or add work to my shop, or write a new blog entry. I'm motivated to keep it up and stick things out because I see all these amazing women doing the same.
These are some of the first blogs I started reading when I decided to start my own blog. These women share their work and their lives. I look up to them and am grateful for their internet presence.

Inside A Black Apple, Emily has been so successful with her shop, it's allowed her to do what she loves and make it a full time business.
Aesthetic Outburst, Abbey is married and has two kids, she's always doing amazing and fun craft projects with her children and finding beautifully designed works on the internet creating her own gorgeous artwork.
Maria-Therese is always posting beautiful and inspiring work. She also has made her artwork a full time business, showing so much dedication and receiving tremendous amounts of success.
Vanessa De Lacy creates very whimsical drawings and illustrations. I love catching up on her life and work.
Gretchen Mist is another blogger with children who paints and collages and makes all kinds of beautiful things.

Heidi Kenney at My Paper Crane continues to blow me a
way daily. She's keeping up with two boys, always working, creating, baking. I wonder if she sleeps.

And of course there are my friends and peers who create inspiring blogs. I may communicate with them regularly or almost regularly, but their blog is a whole other way to get to know them.
Like Cassie's blog where I get to see wha
t she's doing when we're not having coffee breaks from our studios.

And my friend Michelle Moode at Millions of People Happy. Michelle lives much much much too far away from me right now so this blog is perfect f
or keeping me up-to-date.And Jane Ryder at Flux Biota always tells the best stories about her life as an artist living on a farm in Iowa. This is another person who lives too far away but I feel connected this way.
Of course, there is also just good old fashioned artwork that makes my heart skip a beat and really gets the inspiration flowing.
Like Kime Buzzelli. I've had an art crush on her since I discovered her artwork in the Myspace days.
Charming drawings by Pretty Little Thieves
Betsy Walton sets up the best compositions.
Amy Morken drives me nuts with all that color.
Peregrine Honig makes the most beautifully bizarre works.
I love what Caroline Hwang does with fabric.
Kimberly Hennessy's work takes my breath away.
and Diana Behl collages like a pro.
There are countless other people and blogs who inspire me. Countless. It was so hard to choose just a few. I really want to thank everyone who continues to do what they love and shares that with all of us readers. I feel like I'm really part of an amazing community.

Be sure to check out all the other blogs in this Blog it Forward challenge.
Happy Weekend!


flux biota. said...

my paper crane looks like she is a letterboxer. I find letterboxing to be very inspiring, it takes you to places you'd never do to and at the end you get a stamp.

Ann, I love you. this was a great splash of images. can't wait to look through all these blogs.

sfgirlbybay said...

yay! lovely post, and lots of inspiring links to check out! thanks for joining in and sharing such great links! :) victoria

Tina said...

so many lovely illustrations! thank you for sharing your inspirations!

prettylittlethieves said...

thanks for sharing all these amazing inspirations. and for including me.

Miss Jo said...

Great stuff! Thank you for sharing!

liza said...

Thank you for all the beautiful links. I would have answered the same way... there are so many inspiring bloggers - including you!

Jessica Nichols said...

"There are times I get down and feel overwhelmed but it just takes reading a few blogs to get me motivated and ready to hit the studio, or add work to my shop, or write a new blog entry. I'm motivated to keep it up and stick things out because I see all these amazing women doing the same." I really related to this part a lot! Hang in there and hooray for Blog It Forward! I went yesterday. :)

gretchenmist said...

wow! this is an amazing project and a great way to be inspired and 'meet' new people. thanks so much for including me in here {you are very sweet} :)

Marisa Midori said...

I love being introduced to new blogs. Thank you for sharing some of your inspirations and I'm glad that blog it forward introduced me to your blog!

A Beautiful Party said...

thank you to everyone for the great comments. if you're new to my blog, welcome!

Vanessa said...

Wow, aren't you just lovely Ann. Thank you so much for including me in such a great bunch of people. I have had a look through them all and besides the ones I already follow I have added a couple more to my Google reader!
Thanks again, really cheered me up :)

Andrew said...

thanks for all this inspiration! it will give me good things to look at while waiting for my paint to dry :)

Lauren Simone said...

whoops! the post by andrew is really by me, lauren simone/ aka ... sorry!

Sarah said...

hi there,
don't you just love the camaraderie of the blogging community? i agree with you -- it is so inspiring!
♥ Sarah

Maria-Thérèse said...

How very lovely! Thank you for featuring me!!! Please link to either or directly to my blog :) :)

What an exciting mixture of blogs and artists. Always nice to see new inspiring ones you didn't know about before!

I gave your blog+shop urls to a woman in the art society board here today because she really loved a sort of half abstract, mysterious painting of houses and it reminded me a little bit of your work.

Maria-Thérèse said...

P.S. I just saw your reply. You know Anna?! She came from you? :-D

We all know each other! Art bloggers are the best! :D

lisa butterworth said...

so many awesome links! a few i already love (kime buzelli, caroline) and a few i fell in love with as soon as i saw your post. thanks for sharing, i'm glad the sun has peeked through your cloudy days!

whatyayalikes | alexandra said...

wonderful post, you really captured the spirit and inspiration from all these amazing women!

SonyaMac said...

Thank U for share n....such inspiration

Diana said...

:) :)

Edyta said...

You Inspire Me, right now:)
great post