Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Here!

Joanna Newsom's new album is out! It's a three disc album filled with amazingness. Check out the video below to hear the most beautiful song ever. This album is very very different from her older stuff so if you weren't a fan before, give her another chance. Just try!


It Builds Character. said...

I love that song. It's definitely my favorite on the record. I'm a little disappointed that the record is so mellow, and her harp gets lost in the accompaniment at times. I liked Van Dyke Parks's arrangement much more than the guy that did this album. I'm still digging it, though.

And god I want her legs. Holy crap. She's an inch or two shorter than me but in photos she looks so tall. I also want her hair. And her butt. And her clothes...sigh. She's our age and people like that just make me feel like I haven't done enough with my life.
End rant. I'm totally jealous but I LOVE her.

Lauren Simone said...

she is one of my favorites, and I didn't know she was coming out with anything new!

.girl ferment. said...

so happy that this is finally here

gretchenmist said...

i finally listened to this! i had no idea about the new one either, but am very excited now!
she's incredible + gorgeous + have loved her for ages. {+ is it just me or has she sexed it up a bit??}