Monday, February 8, 2010

Good Friends, Good Show

Saturday night was so great. My good friend Maggie Sasso was in town. Maggie and I went to undergrad together and though we only live a couple of short hours away from each other now we haven't seen each other in years. I've decided that's ridiculous and will try harder to stay in better touch because Maggie is fab. And so is her friend Kara Ginther. They were in town because Kara was having a show at North Central Cyclery, the bike shop in town. If you haven't seen Kara's work yet in the blogworld then you're in for a treat. Kara's hand-carved Brooks Saddles bicycle seats have really blown up. Seeing them in person is great, they are gorgeous and the carving seems so delicate. If you're in the area I believe the show will be up for another week and then I think it travels to Colorado. If you are not near, you can see plenty more photos of Kara's work here and read her blog here and definitely check out this amazing interview here.

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kelliann meserole said...

her saddles were great. i also recommend that if you are in the dekalb area, you stop in to the cyclery for a real treat.