Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bad Dog Gallery, Fibers Show

This week's Bad Dog Gallery show was one of my favorites. The Fibers department always has a show each year and it's the one I look forward to the most. I think the Fibers program here is so great and innovative. I always wish I had more time in grad school so I can take advantage of this wonderful program. Christine Lofaso is a great teacher in this department. So, here is her class's show.

Some names and artists I'm not sure of. Hopefully Cassie will come to my rescue soon and identify the artist. Like this piece, awesome weavings on lite brights!
These are drawings by Cassie Marie Edwards.

Not sure who this belongs to...

These screenprinted images are by my friend Kristine Chisamore. I wish I had some detailed photos of this collection. They are photo screenprints Kristine took of the old fibers building being torn down.
I love this piece but unfortunately I don't think my camera did it justice. There are l.c.d. lights in this piece that don't show up. This is by metals grad Lindsey Shranz.
I wish I would have gotten a better installation view of this. The artist is grad student Brikena Boci. This was really creepy and beautiful at the same time.
These next couple of photos are simply amazing. Some of the students made a huge tent in one of the gallery rooms. It felt like my dream home. I've always wanted to have an outdoor tent hideaway.

Since Cassie was part of this show she got some great photos of the installation process. Go check them out for behind the scenes shots.

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