Monday, October 26, 2009


I just discovered this lovely blog called Fine Little Day by Swedish stylist and prop designer Elisabeth Dunker. The pictures on her blog are beautiful and she also has a fine little shop filled with gorgeous vintage items.

On her blog she asked her readers to respond to a few questions so she could know who she was talking to. I thought it was a neat idea so I'm hoping you'll answer the questions, top. Just takes a second. If you are reading this could you tell me:

1. Age?
2. Country?
3. How often are you here?

It can be completely anonymous. Thank you in advance!


Maria-Thérèse said...

1. guess!
2. Sweden
3. every time you post unless something unforseen happens.

anna said...

28/ The Netherlands/ I am a bit chaotic so I wouldn't know precisely, but quite often!

Jennifer Hugon said...

1. 33
2. sort of rural Ohio, US
3. As often as I go through my RSS feed


gretchenmist said...

melbourne australia
i read through google reader so, i read often :)

A Life So Peachy said...

1. 28
2. Sydney, Australia
3. Follow in reader, so whenever you post! (unless I am really behind and miss a whole lotta posts!

Adrienne said...

25, nashville, whenever you post my rss reader updates me!

Kim Strom said...

1 28
2 France (actually Switzerland if I am using the internet)
3 weekly