Thursday, October 15, 2009


I did another photo shoot last night and these are some of the beginning stages of my photos. I'm going to mess around with them in photoshop but I'm pretty excited with how they are so far. I filled my room with balloons so that was fun. My room is still filled with balloons. It's sort of magical. I wish it could stay that way forever. Did I mention I love balloons?
My class that I'm teaching went well today. I was sort of in a grumpy mood but came out of it when I saw some of the great things my students are doing. I'm so lucky to have such great students. We're doing intaglio right now and they are getting pretty frustrated with the process but they are hanging in there. Maybe I'll post some of their final prints on here.
Thank you sooo much to those who responded to my questions on the last post. I realize I really do need to make prints of my work. I've just been a little nervous about it. Everyone's advice only confirmed that I do need to do this so thank you!! You guys are the best!
I have a crit with one of my faculty today and then a group crit in class tonight. Wish me luck!
Take care!


Malinda Jane said...

spooky, pretty photos.
i imagine fancily dresses ghost ladies dancing among the balloons.

Vanessa said...

A group crit!! Scary, good luck.