Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's been a long time since I promoted my own shop on here. I haven't had a sale in forever and I've really been wondering lately what I can do to make my shop better. I was thinking about getting prints made of my work so I can sell more at a smaller price. Can any readers give me advice on this? Where should I get prints made? How do I do that? I would love some feedback from all the wonderful etsy sellers out there. As I finish up grad school my focus will start to be bigger on my shop. Um, did that sentence make sense? Anyway, the point is that I'd like to start doing more for my shop soon, just hoping for some advice.
Thanks guys and go have a look at A Beautiful Party, the store.


belinda marshall said...

prints are a great idea ~ then u can charge more for your originals. i print mine from home ~ lots of mucking around with colour correcting in photoshop etc, sorry no suggestions as to where to get them done.

Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

There are several sources online where you can have prints made... check the Etsy forums for details.
Here's one I saw:

Also, maybe note cards or similar items :)

Art is tough to sell on Etsy for the obvious reason that it is best seen in person. But you have great work so I know you can be successful!

Vanessa said...

Hi Ann,
Belinda's right about the pricing, your originals are priced in similar price ranges to prints on etsy and they are worth much more. I do my own printing but I'm not selling alot so it works out ok for me to do it this way, I can spend a bit of time on each print. Sorry I can't help you with any printers, but I would look for someone local where you can see the results rather than online but then again you never know! Check out the forums, there is heaps of info on printing your art.
Vanessa xx