Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bad Idea... Good Idea

Bad Idea: Painting my fingernails this hideous yellow color... yesterday... and still not taking the polish off. The nail polish itself is really crappy so it looks like i just grabbed some acrylic paint and painted my nails in a quick and crappy way. But again... still haven't taken it off yet.

Good Idea: finding a home for my Luke Perry/ Dylan doll... on top of this unicorn.
Bad Idea: Never cleaning my counter. Ever.
Good Idea: This new piece I'm working on... Not sure how it will look in the ultimate end but I like what I have so far.

Now that I have that said, I have to get to the printshop and prepare to start the long, scary journey of teaching my class intaglio. Hardground today, Thursday, Softground. Then, next Tuesday, the scary scary scary days of aquatint. Cross your fingers and toes that my class and I all get through this together.
And hello to new readers sent to me from Claudia's blog. I hope you enjoy the place. Take your coat off and look around.


flux biota. said...

I miss luke.

Maria-Thérèse ~ www.afiori.com said...

Heeeheee the doll on the unicorn!
I like the painting.

I cleaned my kitchen counter today after about two weeks of just writing writing working on my book, just rinsing plates under water and leaving them on the counter, cups piling up - I sometimes have no idea who is using all those cups. It wasn't disgusting, really, beacause I had sort of.. rinsed everything well but not done the dishes properly! As if that would take so much extra time to do. Oh, and candy wrappers - on the counter because it is such hard work to open the little door under the sink and actually throw them in the garbage. I've been bad. But I think I wrote a fairly good book.

Tessa said...

I painted my nails electric fuchsia last night. I wish I had a Luke Perry on a unicorn...Ann, you're the coolest.

A Beautiful Party said...

writing books is way more important than cleaning. and i'm a total believer in rinsing dishes and letting them sit for days.

And tessa, you can have a luke perry on a unicorn too! just get a luke perry doll and a unicorn and voila!