Sunday, October 11, 2009

Friday Night Dinner Surprise

Friday night dinner... Lamb, asparagus and rice. Very yummy but the biggest surprise was the seaweed salad. It's in the container on the left. I was afraid for it to go on my plate in case I hated it. I'm normally not a big fan of my food touching. Weird, I know. But the seaweed salad was absolutely amazing. I think I may even have it for a late lunch today. It tasted like sushi basically. I wish I took a better pick of it, it's really pretty. If I have some today I will have a seaweed salad photo shoot.
If you've ever seen this at your grocery store and you've felt weary, try it! Especially if you like sushi. If this is old news to you then, well, at least be proud of me for finally trying it!
To all my local readers you can buy this at Imbodens. Or is it Inbodens? Either way, check it out there.

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