Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bad Dog Gallery, New Night New Show

Last Thursday night at the Bad Dog Gallery one of the painting professors at NIU, Frank Trankina, curated a show called AbstWACKtion. Besides the silly title the show was really great.
These first two pieces are by Nina Rizzo, another painting professors at NIU. I love Nina's work. Check out her website for more great work.

(I like when people show pics of opening nights and no one is looking at the art.)

Sometimes at Bad Dog Gallery the PBR bin gets as much attention as the art.
This is by Paul Nudd. His work is really grossly beautiful. He had a video playing that made everyone stop and wonder just what the hell they were looking at. Look through his website for more beautiful gross outs.
Ben Stone made this piece. You may remember his piece from the last Bad Dog show of Calvin on praying Calvin. Ben's work is always really humorous.
The rest of the work is unidentified but I really love it all.

The show was really neat. Thursday night the Fibers department is having a show called Homebodies. My good friend Cassie is going to be in that show. I hear she and some friends are making a tent house. I can't wait to see this.
I've been nursing a cold since yesterday. Lots of emergen-C, vitamins, tea, water, whining and allergy pills have been involved in making me better. I'm going to go out to my studio and try to ignore it. I'm really really pleased with what's happening in my studio these days. Tomorrow I'll write a blog all about it. And then I will go teach my class Softground... eek!
Teaching them hardground went really well. I'm so pleased with what an amazing class I have. They are all so attentive and even though I talk their heads off and probably driving them crazy with my sometimes ditziness they seem to like me and I like them, too. Lets just hope that by the time I get through this intaglio stuff we are all still liking each other. Fingers crossed!

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