Monday, October 26, 2009

Down Low and in the Garden

We did it! We pulled off our group show and despite the crummy weather we had a pretty good turn-out. I just realized the other day this is the first time I've really shown a lot of my work in this town. I've had pieces in shows here and there but this is the first big one. I was really pleased. Also I think I had more fun making the flier than anything else. I may go into the flier making business after all.

Here are a ton of photos. Click to enlarge:

These pieces belong to Joanna Goss. I'm kicking myself for not getting better pictures. I think she has some good ones so maybe I can update this. Her work was gorgeous. I'd never seen it before so it was a treat for me.
The following pieces belong to Adam Cox. His work has a pretty perverse sense of humor. That's why we love Adam.

These two lovelies belong to Jane Ryder. She graduated last year from grad school and I've been a little lost without her around. She came in for the show so we spent the whole day after lazing around and reading magazines at Barnes and Nobles with Cassie. Best day ever.
I've talked about Christian Campos' (blog is not for work) work on here time and again. Now you can see why I love his work so much. I tell him all the time that his lines have a definite Campos signature and that's what really attracts me to his pieces.

I love this hanging piece of Christian's. It was kind of spooky and creepy but funny at the same time.
There's Christian hanging the lights.

And this is an image of Christian's work on the left and mine on the right.
This was a fun opportunity for me to show a set of work that would have otherwise only lived in my studio. I didn't know what to do with these pieces but they seemed perfect for this show. This piece may go into my Etsy shop soon. It is cut to the exact size of the hair.

This was my installation! I've always wanted to do a wall piece with streamers and balloons. It was titled: The Party I Always Wanted. I had so much fun putting this up.

There is Joanna enjoying the party. I took this picture toward the end of the night and realized I wish I would have set something up Prom style where everyone had their pictures taken in front of it. Another time...
Thanks so much for all the encouraging words of those in blogland and to everyone who was able to make it out. Here are some of those people:
These are three of my grad classmates: Jessica, Adrian and Kyle.

Jane Ryder and Cassie Edwards of blogland... Check out Cassie's blog for more photos of the show.


flux biota. said...

i had a damn fine time at this show...and with my lovely (you). I'm a little lost without you as well, you can move to Ioooowwwwaaa, lots of soybeans here and I know how you like those.

gretchenmist said...

looks like a lot of fun~ your work looks great, good to hear it went well :)

Maria-Thérèse said...

How cool!!! I would have loved to be there!!

Maria-Thérèse said...

Maybe you can create party installations here and there out in the real world? Who doesn't need a party now and then? You could take pictures and there would be cake. Or if someone was lonely they could at least have a party although that might make you feel more lonely.