Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Sometimes when I see artists whose work I love I hit the bookmark button and then the work disappears to an untitled folder in the midst of a bunch of other untitled folders and then times go by and I forget who is there. Last night I decided to go through some of my bookmarks and start a new segment of my blog called ART2Love. Because I love when titles have numbers in them. And it's Tuesday, and that's like 2 so I'll do this posting on Tuesdays.
So who should you love today? A few folks.
This is Patrick Kyle and he makes some pretty rad monstery creatures.
And this is Chris Kuzma. I think he works some with Patrick Kyle. I think this because I saw both of their work in the same little zine. Title unknown.
And this, well, I only know their flicker site and her name is Relleford on the site. I'm absolutely nuts about this work. So much so that I had to post three different images. You can see more on her flickr.

So... go love art!


Cat said...

I, too, love discovering new art and artists...what a great way to display some of your "favs" in a more visible way :)

Tessa said...

Ah! I love this "Art2Love" idea! I, too, have a ton of artist links...maybe I should start something like this too...