Monday, June 28, 2010

Spoiler Alert, Bravo's Work of Art

I had such a fantastic weekend. I hope you did, too. My boyfriend and I went to a wedding in a State Park and it was so beautiful and fun and filled with great people. I'm so so bummed because in my attempt to quickly pack I totally forgot to take my camera. No pictures! The bride and groom wanted everyone to wear hats and some people really wore some great ones. At least I have the memories.
Are you all watching Bravo's Work of Art? What are your thoughts on the show?
WARNING, these are spoilers for last week's episode "Book By It's Cover."
I was really bummed because as you know Peregrine is my favorite and I was really looking forward to seeing her on the show. So far she hasn't gotten a lot of airtime but when she finally did it was so they could totally bash her piece. One of the judges even recommend they burn it. The horror! I loved Peregrine's piece. I agree with the criticism about how it doesn't fit the story but as an art piece I still think it's beautiful. Peregrine handled it like a champ, though. She looked a little heartbroken by the comments but she didn't get too dramatic like some of the others on the show. I'm still rooting for her!
And John's piece won! I'm so glad because I think he also made a fantastic piece and I love how you see it and immediately identify it as being his work. It's funny how both of my favorite artists on the show got the same book title and had dramatically different results. I thought they both did a fantastic job. What do you think?


gina d said...

I'm sooo glad your commentary is about last week's show and not this week! I have to watch it the following Monday on iTunes because I don't get Bravo.*sad* I liked John's piece just fine, but liked Mark's commercial solution too - even though I can't say I'm a fan of his work in the previous shows. Judith though, huh? I think she was a little out of her element! "I'm a fine artist. I don't work on assignment." As a graphic designer, ouch! I get it though... and yes, "on assignment" is not for everyone. But even fine artists can be commissioned! g

A Beautiful Party said...

Judith is definitely a piece of work. I sort of wish she was still going to be around. I thought the Pride and Prejudice Jane "Austin" girl should have gone home. I keep debating whether that is a show I would want to be on. I think I'm probably pretty terrible under pressure, though.
Maybe I'll try... ( :

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