Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear 17 Me

photo by me.

Andrea at Hula Seventy made an amazing list of things to tell her 17 year old self. I would like to do the same. You do the same, too, and then tell me you did it so I can read it. Hear goes:

1. Stop dying your hair red.

2. Visit your grandparents more.

3. Stop writing bad, angsty poems on your artwork.

4. Don't worry about boys. Worry about more interesting things. You'll meet the right boy later. He'll be what you're looking for. Just be patient.

5. It's okay that your parents aren't letting you go to the dance clubs that your friends get to go to. You will one day hate those kinds of clubs anyway.

6. Stop smoking! Seriously, your 27 year old self hates it.

7. Read more.

8. Your parents are right about (almost) everything.

9. Put some sunscreen on your face. Hurry!

10. Do not decide to room with your best friend in college. Live next door to her instead. It will work way better.

11. You have to quit dressing all your friends up like a fairy and taking pictures of them. You just have to.

12. Don't argue with your art teacher. She's really great.

13. Everyone was right, college is where you will really come into your own.

14. Learn how to be a better waitress at the coffee shop because you are going to need those skills in ten years.

15. Save some money. Please.

16. Don't read 17 magazine ever. Just read your Jane magazine because it will go under in a few years and you'll miss it. But you'll find Bust.

That's it for my list. I think I could probably say a lot more things to my early twenties self but 17 is a good age for advice.

Make yours!


flux biota. said...

i would have told myself to get a better bra. then I'd tell myself...better learn to draw in perspective so you won't have to freak out about it later in life. Damn.

anna said...

Do you have one extra for my seventeen year old self ;)? I can underwrite most of your statements, especially 3 (my 17 y old couldn't believe that positivity can inpire too)Fortunately my nineteen year old self was wise enough to stop smoking :)

SARAH said...

I used to read Jane!

I think I would tell my younger self to take better care of my teeth.

Unknown said...

brilliant post x

Oh, My Darling said...

Oh man, what a good idea.