Thursday, June 3, 2010


Once again I have a couple of new things in my shop. Including this fabulous unicorn statue!

You all may have heard of the Pepsi Refresh Project where Pepsi is offering grants to people whose ideas get the most votes. My friend and fellow grad school classmate Eric Fuertes is currently in the running for one of these amazing grants. Eric is a Sculpture grad at NIU and he has been making printing presses. He made a portable Dumbo printing press that debuted at Southern Graphic Council in Philadelphia this year. Eric then made a press with a skateboard that was just as fun. He has great ideas and has really been cranking out the presses. He wants the grant so he can travel to schools and spread the printmaking word while introducing it in a fun and different way. Read his mission statement:

To create art workshops that incorporate hands on sculpture/printmaking techniques and processes. The emphasis will be on instructing students and the public on simple printmaking techniques and introduce them to sculptural "creative machinery" that will allow for the production of woodblock prints. Exploring two dimensional to three dimensional ways of viewing the world, students and onlookers will be introduced to a variety of ways of observing and thinking about art. A primary goal of this project would be to motivate students about the importance of pursuing a higher education and show them the broader range of creative fields that can be pursued in a college enviroment. The purpose of these workshops is to also allow people with all levels of talent and ability the opportunity to experience another aspect of art education that is not widely available. These portable printing press machines provide the public with a creative outlet and the chance to express themselves through art.

Watch a video hear of The Dumbo Printing Press:

Voting is quick and easy. It's even quicker if you have Facebook. Go here and click to vote if you think Eric deserves this grant. Also, please post this on your blog! I think what Eric is doing is fantastic and fun and great for printmakers as well as all other image-makers! Go support Eric!

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