Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Busy Bee

I have been the busiest girl in the world (probably not) as I have started my new job (!) and am moving into a new house (!!). I have been setting up my studio at my new place and wanted to take some sneak peak photos but I discovered my batteries were dead last night. Doh! I can't wait to get it all finished. It's such a neat space, perfect for a studio. My fingers are itching to get back to work.
Instead of studio photos here is something even better. John Parot is another contestant on Work of Art. He shows a lot in Chicago and is currently having a show at Western Exhibitions. I think his work is great and he's another awesome contestant to watch for on the show.

Don't forget the giveaway!

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belinda marshall said...

wow, you are busy! congrats on your job and good luck with the move! feeling so behind with my blog reading/comments, sorry :)