Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Guess what...

I got the job!!!

I'm going to be waitressing which I think will be really fun. This should also give me time to work on my artwork which is a major plus. Right now I'm just not a nine to five kind of gal.

Thank you thank you to all of you who were so positive and encouraging during this rough time. I was really feeling low but there was always someone with a kind word that brought me right back up. That is why I love the blog community.

And now I want to welcome a new friend to this community. My friend Rachael is doing a month-long residency in Italy. Lucky girl, right? She is documenting her experience on her blog called Loose Tooth Studio. Rachael makes beautiful art and I know she is going to make some exciting stuff while she's there. I mean, she gets to sit at this enormous table under those crazy cocoons. How could you not be inspired?! Follow along on Rachael's journey here.

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Josh Peter said...

Yay! Service industry + art = love. Where are you working?