Monday, March 5, 2012

Animal Chalkboards!

Hey, y'all! I have a new goodie from the studio to show ya!
I had a collection of these larger horses and a dinosaur that used to growl but has since become passive and doesn't growl anymore. I didn't know what to do with these guys until I got myself a can of chalkboard paint. So I began to spray and spray and spray.
I also got my hands on a silver tiger I spray-painted a couple of months ago. And now... chalkboard animals!

You can leave notes for loved ones in a way that is way more creative than boring pen and paper.
Hey may not roar anymore but he sure makes a cutie-pie blank canvas for all your doodle needs...

I'm thinking about putting some of these guys in my shop but I'm also thinking maybe it's time I start doing art fairs. I've made many many more animal lid jars and I'm discovering new ways to make banners. Maybe an art fair is the perfect venue for me.
What do you think? Do you do art fairs? Any advice?
Have a fantastic Monday. Listen to some music and dance around before work. I'm going to...

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Rachael Bower said...

Do an art fair! These are so unique, and coupled with your dreamy art you would rock the ever loving face off those art fairs. I'd include a handful of chalk sticks, wrapped in ribbon to seal the deal.