Thursday, March 15, 2012

Forever In-Progress

Good Morning!
I think I'm procrastinating again...
I'm in the middle of working on a new kind of banner and while part of me is saying "Don't think, just do!" The other part of me is still moving along ever-so-slowly.

I posted my glitter letters while I was glittering them. Here they are drying from the clear acrylic coat I just sprayed on them.
Last night I finally decided to try to make this happen. This was how it went: I would go near it for a bit, hang something, walk away, drink some water, read news on my phone, hang something else, look through Instagram photos, look something up on the internet, ask my boyfriend his opinion, and finally I hung the last strand of fringey trim and promptly went to bed.
It's not finished. I'm still well in the stage of figuring this one out. I think the huge amount of problem solving is getting to me but I really do love the progress so far. I want it to be amazing! After seeing it hung on the wall like this I realize the gold needs to come up in the middle. Also, there should probably be feathers. I can't do anything without feathers.
I feel like by tracking my progress here I will be more on the ball getting this done. Maybe by the end of next week it will almost be finished. / :
What I have really been keeping up with are these animal jars. I want to get a lot of them done so should I do art fairs I will have plenty. They are really addictive to make. Here is a family portrait.
And here are a few wanting special attention.
Since I started making these I've been trying to figure out how to package them. So far I like them like this with tissue paper and a ribbon. I may buy fun little cheapy toys to stick inside so each one comes with a surprise.

Have a fantastic day today. If you find yourself in a procrastination cycle think of me. No! Don't think of me! Think of your project and how to finish it!

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