Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Procrastination At It's Best

Sometimes I move at such a snail's piece when I'm working in my studio. I have ideas for projects and I get really excited and can't wait to get started but when it comes to the execution I stall. I started cleaning little messes that I find on dressers and tables. I decide I should vacuum my rabbit's cage. I make lunch and watch a tv while eating. Finally I realize the day's almost over and I haven't even started yet. I know it's because I'm so scared of failure. I've always been this way with my work. I'm afraid that I won't be able to make my ideas come to life or if I do they will be terrible. Now that I know the problem why can't I just fix it?
Are you this way? What do you do to get out of that funk?
I have a new banner that I'm very anxious to see finished but after spending a whole day hem-hawing around it all I managed to do was get my letters glittered. To be fair this did take FOREVER! Now what? I have an execution problem I'm dealing with but mostly I'm just finding new things to clean.
Now that I've whined a little bit my plan is to finish this up and get a handle on this fear. I don't know how many times I've told others that if it doesn't work just try something else. It's time I tool my own advice...

I'm also working on a cupcake liner garland, too. I'm sure it will be finished by 2013. ( :
Happy Tuesday!

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flux biota. said...

I'm a seasoned procrastinator that is looking to end my relationship with the beast.

Whenever I feel like putting something off I ask myself the question...

"why am i putting this off?"

Then I realize I have no good reason to do so and I get back to work.

Good luck, pal. You'll get it done.