Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Now and Then

I feel like I just got reacquainted with an artist I used to love several years ago. Back in the Myspace days I found many great artists including a girl who went by the name Cake. I even wrote about her about a year ago here.
I was on Flickr today looking through recent work uploaded by my contacts and I kept seeing these fabulous paintings by someone whose name was Super Future Kid. I loved the work but couldn't figure out who it was. After a click on the link and a look through the website it dawned on me that this is "Cake," whose real name is Stephanie Homa.
Her work continues to get better and better. She has such a whimsical way of dealing with stories that seem very dark. It's such a great blend of contemporary work with a definite historical influence. This is an artist who knows her art history.

I love her Flickr page because she posts a lot of work in-progress. I'm always enchanted by painters who can work on a large scale. It was something I could never really do. It's really magical. So I like seeing how it comes together. Check out her flicker here.


There is more work on her website here.

Obviously I am not the best at keeping up with my Flickr as that's why it took me far too long to put two and two together. I need more coffee. But I'm super happy to be reacquainted with this work. It's pretty inspiring and motivating me to get in my studio.

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