Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Re-Runs

It's friday which means it's time for a blog re-run. Every Friday I go back in time and choose a post from blogging past to re-share. This post is coming to you from December 7, 2010. I miss doing Dreamy, Artful Couple features. I need to start doing them again. I think I just ran out of couples. If you are part of a dreamy artful team let and would like to be featured please let me know!
And now... December 7, 2010:

Dreamy, artful Couple is back now with more dreamy.
I know I have mentioned Diana Behl's work here several times. I've been a fan of hers since the first time I saw her work in a New American Paintings. When I found out I was going to get to meet her at Frogman's Print and Paper Workshop I was in happy shock. I had been looking at her work for so long it seemed a surprise to realize there was a live person I could meet. Diana is just as fabulous as I'd hoped and when I discovered she was dating Andrew Kosten it became a dreamy, artful couple overload. I had met Andrew at Frogman's also and always liked his work. His prints and drawings have a quiet quirkiness to them that are funny and sad at the same time.
The following are images of Diana's work. See more here.
Now a sampling of Andrew's work. See more from Andrew here.
Both Andrew's and Diana's works are like quiet whispers. They are like the game telephone where you whisper something from person to person and the whispers become more and more outrageous.
Here is a picture of the couple at the famous Pink Palace Museum in Memphis, Tennessee.
Are you a dreamy, artful couple and want to be featured? Contact me!

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