Thursday, March 22, 2012

New in Shop!

Last night I had an animal jar photo shoot. I was pretty proud of myself for rigging up a backdrop for them with a light but they still managed to come out really yellow so I edited and edited. I know the rule is that you should usually take pictures during the daytime but I thought I had found a way to beat the system... I was wrong!
Thank goodness for editing programs. So this was how I spent most of my night.
Then I was able to get a couple of these sweetie-pie jars in my shop! Only two were posted last night but there will be many many more to come.
The Horse Jar is here. He would be perfect for holding art supplies or fun little treats for a child (or a grown-up. I love fun little treats.)
The Green Glitter Bunny Jar is here. She's small and sweet and perfect for a surprise gift.
These are so much fun to create and the photo shoots, though not perfect, are still fun to do. The jars are very good models!

Have a super fantastic day today!

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anna said...

These are soo cute!