Thursday, March 8, 2012

Art For Your Thursday

Besides cranking out jars in my studio I'm also trying to work on a series of collages. Do you call it a collage if you glue stuff onto your art? This piece started out much larger and I had been working on it for ages. I took a few pictures of it and zoomed in in certain spots and ended up liking the zoomed in parts better than the image as a whole. Does that ever happen to you? I love using my camera to make compositions.
I finally got this horsey shadowbox completely finished and photographed. The pictures still don't do it justice but I blame my poor photography skills. I'm pretty excited about this and want to continue to make more. I just need to stock up on shadowbox frames and I'll be all set. And more glitter.

This was my muse for the day....
The little singing girl that walks by my house was just singing her little heart out. Sing your heart out today, too.

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