Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Making Things Make Sense

After my post yesterday I got many great responses here and on Facebook from others who were very inspired by what Jessica Swift had to say. I also received plenty of encouragement which I'm forever grateful for.

I worked in my studio yesterday and finally finished these two little collages I have been working on.
In this one I was using a wood frame and I thought about painting it but instead decided to hammer letters into it. I liked the type-o that happened. Reminds me of a calculator.

Here Now

I've been thinking a lot about this work and what it means. I'm making these strange landscapes that become a little clausterphobic. I think it some ways they represent what is happening inside my head and how I over think everything and worry so much. Maybe instead of art imitating life, life can imitate art and I can make really sparse collages and then stop thinking so much. Does it work that way?

Trapped Detail

Last night I glued animals to jar lids by candle light as we watched the season finale of The Walking Dead. Do you watch it? Whoa Baby was that episode intense.
I'm off to style my hair and work at a beautiful store for the rest of the day.

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