Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Business A Day...

I seem to have a new idea for a business venture almost every other day. Sometimes every day. One thing that I really want to do is lead craft parties and craft play-dates. I was given the idea by a super helpful person who never wanted me to work as a bank teller. He told me to create my own job. (I had just applied to be a bank teller out of post-grad job hunt desperation).
I was very very lucky to recently get to try out this profession at a child's birthday party. The children were in the young toddler range so I needed a craft that would be easy and reap fun rewards. Who doesn't want to wear a crown? I always want to wear one so I figured a toddler would feel the same way. Here's my own creation:
The party was great and I learned a lot from it. For instance, when all else fails, make sure you have a great glitter station. But then, who didn't already know that?
Now I'm just trying to figure out how to advertise this. I need a business manager... and business cards. What would they say? Craft Lady For Hire.

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