Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Factory Girl

In the last few days my studio has turned into an animal lid making factory. It feels like magic watching these animals turn into solid gold. Well... you know what I mean.... I figured if I'm going to start getting serious about art fairs I need to start making lots of stuff.

There'e also a custom-ordered black Corgi in the mix.
I struck jar gold when my future Grandfather-In-Law gave me all these jars he had been saving. These glass fruit jars are some of my favorites. I love their shape.
Here's a cuty-pie fish I made a while back. He's been hanging around in my studio for a while now. I think I like him in there. He's sort of my muse.

You know who else is my muse? Luxie. If I could have one wish it would be to let her talk so I could know exactly what she's thinking. It drives me crazy that I don't know. Any rabbit whisperers out there?
I hope wherever you are the weather is unseasonably warm and fantastic. I also hope this isn't a sign of global warming. Eep!

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